Our Story 


We have emerged from the powerful forces of nature. Fundacion Amor7.8 was born as a relief organization for a devastating 7.8 Earthquake on April 2016, our mission is to help others emerge and preserve all nature around us.We have developed a variety of programs as solutions to the existing needs. Beside implementing sustancial changes in the infrastructure of the existing local school,a complete plan for an educational center in the community of Cantagallo has been developed,Semilla Learning Center is closer and closer to become a  long term tool for the local community that will have the ability to change the paradigma of life of this region trough a philosophy of permaculture-education for all life. 

Fundación Amor 7.8 has created  a Safe Water Program focused on public rural schools providing safe water to thousands of children every day. Our interest is to grow and use all our capacities for the benefit of those vulnerable and all ecosystems around us. 

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Every little helps


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