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Check out flight details from major hubs. If you have specific travel questions, please feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.


Call Us: +593 - 0998199428 


Manta to Tanusas - 1hr


Guayaquil to Tanusas - 3hrs



Fly into Guayaquil (José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport) or Manta (Eloy Alfaro International Airport) for the most direct onwards journey. 

Guayaquil to Tanusas: 3 hours by taxi / car
Manta to Tanusas: 1 hour by taxi / car

We will be more than happy to make arrangements for a taxi to pick you up upon arrvial and to take you back for your outbound journey.

Getting around Tanusas

Once you're here, you don't really need your own transportation. For any day trips / excursions outside of Tanusas, we can provide transportation and make arrangements for taxis to the town of Puerto Cayo or city of Manta, if you wish to explore on your own. 


If you're arriving with your own vehicle or rental car then we have plenty of room to accommodate you either under our covered parking spaces by the main house or you can park right up to your own villa.


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